CTA and buttons

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Calls to action in text should be active.

Button text should:

  • have 2 to 4 words
  • be active, ideally start with an action word
  • be meaningful – never "Click here"
  • be specific: "get started" is too vague and misleads users
  • reflect the destination content
  • be in sentence case
  • reflect destination page title and page content
  • be in clear language, consistent with other content

Usability evidence

"Get Started" Stops Users, Aurora Harley and Kim Flaherty, Nielson Norman Group, 2

'Don't Make Me Think', Steve Krug, 2014 (3rd Edition)

Call to action buttons, Midas Media – this link is not working at the moment. If it doesn't come back we'll have to remove this as an evidence source.

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